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Antibody production

SPM-Biocameltec offers laboratories and animal facility both with state-of the art equipment as well as animal housing with conditions that meet the highest international standards for antibody development and production.

SPM-Biocameltec has a high capability of producing polyclonal antibodies. We offer a cost-effective service and are able to produce large batches of immunserum (more than 100 Liters each).

In addition to conventional antibodies, SPM-Biocameltec proposes the production of unconventional antibodies called HcAb for heavy chain only antibodies from camelids (polyclonal immuserum and whole lymphocytes for the engineering of nanobodies)
  • Polyclonal antibodies production
Custom polyclonal antibody production is accomplished using a wide variety of species. We are able to provide immunserum from rabbit, goat, chicken, sheep, goat, donkey, horse ...
  • HcAb (heavy chain only antibodies) production from camelid
IgG from camelid have a MW 100 kDa (conventional IgG; 150 KDa), and there antigen binding domain represents only 12 -15 kDa. This characteristic (lower MW) gives to camelid antibodies there unique properties: to recognize inaccessible epitopes, and to penetrate tissue and cells easily, to resist to large pH and temperature variations.

For all these reasons camelid antibodies are attracting a lot of interest as potential therapeutics and diagnostics


SPM-Biocameltec is able to assist you for the production of polyclonal antibodies from dromedary. To allow you for the evaluation of the ’efficacy of these particular antibodies, SPM-Biocameltec proposes also rabbit and goat anti-dromedary antibodies (these secondary antibodies could be conjugated on demand).

Standard Protocole of Immunization
  • Protocol duration: nearly 100 days.
  • Antigen: nearly 2mg /dromedary.
  • Number of Immunizations:  4/animal.
  • Non-immune sample:  20ml.
  • Immune-serum Production: 2 samples called sample of production (500 ml minimum).
  • Control: intermediate sampling from the 2°  immunization  and  the final  sampling for IgG production  could be performed if needed for the determination of  the optimal immune-response
Protocole Work Flow
  • Day 1: pre-immunization sampling and injection of Freund’s adjuvant
  • Day 21: the first antigen injection
  • Day 42: the second antigen injection
  • Day 53: sampling for  test 
  • Day 62: the third antigen injection
  • Day 71: the 1st  immune-serum « production »
  • Day 76: the forth antigen injection
  • Day 96: the 2d immune-serum « production »
  • Animal housing is  maintained and dromedary(s) could be re-immunized (once/month) if needed for a long term antibody production
  • Other services
  - Antibody purification and characterization: Immune-serum titration, IgG precipitation and purification of specific antibodies.

  - Other biological products: Blood and its derived components (erythrocytes, plasma & serum, lysate-reticulocytes…) from different animal species (horse, sheep, camel, goat, rabbit…).

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